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Messages from happy customers.

“Holly Helps You Take Your Vision Forward!”

“I needed Holly because I was so wrapped up in my idea that I couldn’t stand back and see the process.

How was I meant to implement it? What steps did I need to take?

Holly and her VA team took away the pain of having to do all the stuff by myself. That was invaluable and avoided loads of faffing!

Holly made sure she got to know me and my business from the start, so she was in sync with what I was trying to achieve.

Also, the accountability! I have to say it felt goooood to tick things off a list. I would never have got so far without someone to check in on me.

In a few words, I would say Holly’s there to take your vision forward!”

Beth Davies, Founder Beth Davies Coaching

“Holly’s Business Boost was exactly what I needed!”

“I had been planning a restructure to my existing business but I just couldn’t seem to get it from idea to reality.

Holly helped me organise my thoughts and sort the good from the bad, clarify my business goals and think through aspects that I hadn’t considered.

Holly worked through each business area that would require change and followed up with a detailed strategy report with clear step by step action points.

Having the added support of her VA’s helping me to move forward, accountability calls to keep me on track and the chance to pick Holly’s brain throughout meant that I was able to get out of my own way and make the changes I needed.”

Leonie Darch, Founder – Birthology

“Holly is dependable, articulate, and insightful.”

“Her knowledge and connections have benefitted me greatly with my start up business. I’m thrilled to be using her services, and to benefit from the value she brings as we go forward.”

Sarah Oakley, Founder – Brave Bird Club

“The feeling that Holly completely has my back gave me a lot of confidence.”

“Holly worked with me to create a strategy for my business which was long overdue. I’d been trying to do a bit of everything for far too long and I now concentrate on the valuable bits of my business and the parts that I love the most.

It was surprising how clear my brain felt coming away from our session.

I gained so much value from our time together, including the referral to her network of contacts which is incredibly helpful as an artist. The most valuable thing it offered was giving myself back confidence and control of my business. I was trotting along I was trotting along for too long and now I really feel like I’m taking the bull by the horns!”

Jemma Taylor – Artist & Illustrator

“Holly Enabled Me To Focus On My Business!”

“I have worked with her for a number of years and she has, without doubt really understood my business, the challenges I faced, and offered creative solutions as well as enabling me to make discoveries for myself in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

Holly makes the process enjoyable and helps you build in little rewards for eating those frogs!

She has enabled me to focus on my business, achieving the goals I wanted and creating new opportunities to thrive. She is tremendous at what she does”


Sarah Windrum, CEO Emerald IT & Chair of CWLEP

“Holly is a genius”

“Holly Nixon you’re so good at what you do, I got so much fresh thinking and inspiration from our Strategy Session. I’m totally in awe of how you took the jumble out of my head and put it onto paper into a plan that was simple to understand and made perfect sense – you’re a genius Look forward to collaborating with you more in the future.”

Jo Burton – Project B Marketing



I’ll make you feel good about your business again and put you back in control of your own success and development.