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It’s easy to feel that you should be posting in ALL of the places, ALL of the time!.
But take a minute to consider where your ideal client hangs out and engages.
For me, thats over on LinkedIn and Instagram.  
I am not a big fan of Twitter… its moves too fast and I do not cope well when having to restrict the characters in my posts.. (why say in a sentence, something you can spin out into a paragraph or two lol!)
I hang out in the places I enjoy interacting and posting, and where I know my dreamies are.  
When writing marketing content, I like to follow the following pillars:
The Pillars of Creating Content

  1. Relevant – what you are posting about has to be relevant to your readers and to you/your business
  2. Valuable – the ideal scenario is that someone will save and share your post
  3. Easy – make it easy to understand and if necessary to take action
  4. Emotive – touch on pain points, address the feelings you or your client may have, pull on their heart strings
  5. Actionable – do you want them to do something? Click a link.. book a call.. buy my thing… make it really easy to do

Use Tools to Help Your Creative Flow
I like to use Canva and Trello when creating content and planning.
Canva allows me to use consistent branding and templates which are professional and eyecatching.  Trello allows me to keep tabs on which content I am planning on using, drafting the status and see everything in one place visually (that’s an important aspect for me as a creative and visual person).

I keep a list for Newsletter Ideas, Instagram, LinkedIn, and general posts.


I try to ensure that my content follows the pillars above, but also links to the following

  • My Values
  • My Clients Pain Points
  • Me – Keeping it Real/Behind the Scenes
  • Positivity
  • Social Proof/Testimonials – social proof, this doesn’t have to just be formal reviews from a client.. it might be a snippet from a text ‘OH MAN.. that was so useful..
  • Call to action:  This could be to click a link, leave a comment, book a call…

My Tips

  • Be authentic – Keep it real.  People buy people
  • Add Value – Don’t be worried about giving away too much information.
  • Don’t sell sell sell –- be conversational
  • Engage with others – Don’t just post and run!

Don’t re-invent the wheel:  Work smarter not harder when creating content.

  • Have a theme for the month
  • Think of a ‘Call to Action’ around that theme
  • Create your 60 second for networking based around a call to action on that theme
  • Use that theme to write a blog
  • Break down the blog into smaller chunks which you can tweak and use on social media throughout the month
  • Post the blog on your website
  • Post the blog as an Article on LinkedIn
  • Request or use an existing testimonial or quote from a client as social proof.

For example:

  • My theme might be to talk about the value of using testimonials in your marketing
  • My call to action this month is to request feedback from clients/colleagues
  • My networking elevator pitch/60 second this month will introduce myself and my business, including a testimonial I received recently and a ‘CTA’ asking for fellow members to send me an email with feedback, a google review, a LinkedIn Recommendation etc.
  • I will write a blog about the benefits of social proof, where you can use it, how my business referrals are 99% word of mouth, ways to ask for referrals that aren’t sleazy
  • Create 10-12 pieces from the Blog of social content using Canva and plan it on Trello. Schedule it or keep it on your phone to post when you want to.  Ask people to leave a review on someones FB page or on Google (or drop them an email and enjoy the warm feeling!)  You never know they might send you one back.
  • Post the blog on my website – and share a link (could be one of your posts!
  • Post the blog as an Article on LinkedIn
  • Request or use an existing testimonia or quiote from a client as social proof

I hope this has been useful and perhaps given you a few extra ideas for creating content to market your business.

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Holly x